Apps as Web Integrations

These are Software as a Service (SaaS) based integrations between your system and a 3rd party system. Integrations are hosted by app developers and connect to your system using your API.

Users can enable these integrations by granting permission for them to access their information, often using an OAuth flow. Integrations can add data to and/or receive data from your system depending on your APIs and what app developers are allowed to do.


This is a common use case for SaaS companies building an ecosystem of partners and developers that are integrating with their core platform. In these examples, apps are requesting data from an API and are able to receive webhook events in order to perform their tasks.


Connect Your Apps

Often the term “install” is used when talking about apps but that isn’t the best or most accurate representation. For Web Integrations, we use the terms “activate” or “connect” because what really happens is that a 3rd party app is being registered and connected to your system.

You Have Options

Specific aspects like permission options (read only, read write, etc.), installation options (single or multiple accounts) and types of events can all be defined at the app level, meaning different apps can levage different options depending on their functionality.

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