Completely Customized

Many companies have marketplace requirements that are specific to them. These can items like what defines and “app” within their core platform or how an app may be connected or deployed to a target system.

With an API first approach and flexible object model, every aspect of your app marketplace can be customized to support specific needs or integrate with existing systems and workflows you already use.


A custom marketplace is often helpful for enterprises that have very complex requirements or work in highly regulated environments. Companies have implemented custom solutions to manage:

Developer Vetting

Enforce specific developer vetting and approval requirements prior to participating in their ecosystem.

Tiered Approvals

Implement a tiered app approval process where multiple departments must review and approve apps prior to publishing.

App Definitions

Support an “app” definition that can integrate or deploy to a customer controlled legacy system.


Always API First

Every marketplace function throughout developer onboarding, marketplace management and end user experience is supported by the OpenChannel API. We’re built from the ground up to support any type of app marketplace experience regardless of feature complexity, use case, size or style.

Highly Customizable

The object model itself is highly flexible and custom JSON can be added to each data object like apps, reviews, users or developers. This gives you the flexibility to meet both known and unknown future needs.

The API also allows you to connect any number of components or clients on-demand such as dashboards, multiple marketplaces, mobile apps and much more.

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