Proof of Concept - $0

Get a development environment with access to the OpenChannel Platform and API for as long as you need (really, we’re not kidding) to build your Proof of Concept and make an informed decision. Our Proof of Concept plan is limited to 10 apps.

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Need help planning?

Check our Requirements Generator and Designs Guides to get the ball rolling.

Need a simple App Store UI?

Try our Sample Code or send us a message and we’ll set it up for you.

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Fully Managed App Store

In addition to the OpenChannel API and Management Dashboard, we also provide a fully hosted app store, making it faster and easier to launch your app store platform.

Dedicated interfaces for your app store and developer onboarding are custom designed to match your look and feel and then connected directly to the OpenChannel API. You fully hosted app store is part of your OpenChannel account and managed directly from your Management Dashboard.

Additional Usage

Additional Usage can be added to any plan at any time. Don’t want to do the math?
Contact us and we’ll give you pricing summary that fits exactly what you need.

Additional Platform Usage

Data Transfer
per 100 GB
Data Storage
per 100 GB per month
App Store Payments
per $100,000 in transactions per month

Enterprise Plans

If you have complex requirements, multiple stakeholders and highly strategic goals, we will work together on your product and planning needs to create a fully customized solution.
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Enterprises with thousands of developers and millions of end users are already succeeding with OpenChannel, and we’ll work together to ensure your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is data transfer calculated?

Data transfer is calculated as the total size of all the message payloads, metadata and files delivered to your users by the OpenChannel platform within a given calendar month.

Is there an on premise product available?

Yes, we have an on premise product that lets you run OpenChannel on your own hardware and from behind your own firewall. This is only available with the enterprise plan.

Can we use our own billing system?

Yes, any third party billing or payment processing system can be connected using our billing and payments API and webhooks.

What if we go above plan usage limits?

Extra storage is available at a rate of $15 /mo per 100 GB and data transfer is available at a rate of $20 /mo per 100 GB.

How are the number of apps calculated?

The number of apps is calculated as the total number of published apps on your marketplace.

Can users log in with existing credentials?

Yes. OpenChannel supports mutiple single sign on (SSO) implementations including SAML, OAuth and can also customize authentication to meet your needs.

How does OpenChannel define an “app”?

An “app” can be a downloadable file, web application, embedded widget or anything you wish. You decide what defines an app or what information must be submitted for each app type. You can also have multiple app types within your app store.

How does payment processing work?

Simply connect your bank account and you’re done. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup an account. Partners and developers can also add their accounts quickly and begin receiving payments.

Can I take a commission on app sales?

Yes, you choose the percentage, and the amount will be deposited automatically in your bank account every time an app is sold.

What's included with the "Fully Managed App Store"?

Working with your design team (if you have one) OpenChannel provides dedicated interfaces for your app store and developer onboarding that are designed to match your look and feel. These interfaces are then connected directly to the OpenChannel API.

How is data storage calculated?

Data storage is calculated as the total size of all the files stored on the OpenChannel platform within a given calendar month.

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Read the Docs

Check out the API and how it help you create your app store platform.

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