How It Works

Community Portal


Developers submit and manage apps from within your community portal

OpenChannel gives you all of the tools you need to create an easy on-boarding experience by letting developers submit, update, manage and track their apps.

Control the entire developer experience without spending months building back-end infrastructure by building to the API or reduce time-to-market by using our white labeled community portal.

Management Dashboard


Moderate apps from within the Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard lets you view, update, approve and reject apps that have been submitted by developers. We help make it simple to communicate with developers and keep track of app submissions.

Complete with an analytics engine, the Management Dashboard keeps you up informed on the views, downloads, sales and popularity of all your apps.



Users search and discover apps from within your website or product

OpenChannel’s query and sort language lets users search and discover the apps that matter most to them. Our payments engine lets users try, buy and launch apps. Credit card processing, developer payout and taxes are handled automatically.

There is no limit to how apps are installed and launched. Webhooks and SSO make it easy for you to implement app launch no matter how complex the flow.


“A lot of people want a Marketplace, but there’s so much they don’t think about – how you pay out, restrictions, tax issues, analytics, subscriptions, etc. OpenChannel helped us launch a really awesome ecosystem quickly so we could focus on building our core product.”

– Alex Kinsella (Lead Product Manager, Thalmic Labs)


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