App Store Users

Users search, discover, purchase and launch apps all from within your app store. Structure including categories, tags and app types is defined by your specific use case and users can register directly on your app store or via single sign on.

Users can try and buy apps. All credit card processing, developer payouts and taxes are handled automatically for you.

There is no limit to how apps can be installed by users and any style of app launch (web app, download, etc.) can be implemented.



App Developers

Developers register for your platform directly or via single sign on and begin submitting their apps. Requirements for app submission including descriptions, images and pricing are defined by your specific app type (you can have multiple app types).

Developers are notified of status updates, for example when their apps have been approved for listing, and can submit and manage all updates to their apps.

They also get a full set of app analytics and usage metrics to understand how well their apps are doing on your platform.


Your Management Dashboard

The central place to manage and monitor your entire app ecosystem. You create the ideal workflow to review, approve, suspend and reject apps and easily communicate with developers to support them throughout the process.

With realtime app, developer and user analytics, you and your team can make informed decisions based on the views, downloads, sales and popularity of your apps and platform.

Your Two Paths To Launch

Build your own experience using the OpenChannel API, or use our fully hosted app store.

APIs and Infrastructure

Your developer, app and end user lifecycle is supported by a powerful API and complete set of webhooks. Apps are defined by your use case and workflows can be customized or integrated with existing systems.

Check Out The API

Customized and Fully Hosted

Optional hosted app store and developer onboarding experiences are customized to match your look and feel. You get the flexibility of our core API platform in a turnkey and custom designed solution.

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Check out the API and how it supports your app store platform.


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Reach out with questions or ideas about your ecosystem, we’re here to help.


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Learn how to manage developers, apps and users in your ecosystem.