Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting

The OpenChannel team works with you to define requirements and scope of your app store platform, deciding on the “must have” features for your developers and users.

Design Mockup

Design Mock Ups

If you have a design team, we work with them and turn their vision into your custom design. If not, OpenChannel experts can provide a custom design consultation.

To do

Your "To Do" List

We’ll provide a list of everything needed from you before launch. You’ll have time to gather items like app categories and we’ll have defaults for you to start with.

App store prototype

App Store Prototype

We provide your fully functional app store where you'll be able to register, login, add apps, search and manage apps through your management dashboard.

Product Feedback

Product Feedback

After exploring your app store, you’ll let us know any changes that you want to see. Our product experts will make those changes and update your app store.

Launch Ready

Launch Ready

We deliver your custom designed and fully hosted app store that is ready for launch. We'll also review your “To Do” list and set up items including your subdomain, SSL and email settings.

Is a Fully Managed App Store for You?

Your Fully Managed app store is connected to the OpenChannel API, so functionality is the same. Deciding on implementation (API vs Fully Managed) comes down a few things.

Development Resources

Development Resources

If you're building on top of the OpenChannel API, you will need to have dedicated internal development resources for building your app store and developer onboarding front end interfaces.



What is your timeline to launch? The fully hosted app store is usually faster but building directly to the API can work to if you have the development resources and expertise.

User Experience

User Experience

Depending on the type of experience you want, using the API to embed your app and user experience may be important and worth the extra effort.

Generic Browser

Launching Your App Store

Resources for building and launching your app store from the ground up.

Tools & Guides

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Marketplace documentation
Tools & Guides

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Tools & Guides

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Read doc

Read the Docs

Check out the API and how it help you create your app store platform.

Say hello

Say Hello

Reach out with questions about your white labelled app store and ecosystem.

Learn more

Learn More

Learn how to manage developers, apps and users in your ecosystem.