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14 November, 2018

3 mins

Visma, Leading European Software Company, Launches Integration Marketplace using OpenChannel

Visma, a leading provider of business software and one of Europe’s largest software companies, uses OpenChannel to support the Visma Integration Marketplace.

Who is Visma

Visma (the name combines “visual” and ‘management”) was formed in 1996 through the merging of the companies Multisoft, SpecTec and Dovre Information Systems.

Since taking the reins as CEO in 1997, Øystein Moan has led Visma in becoming one of the leading software companies in Europe’s Nordic region. The company has gone from 300 to 8,500 employees and grown revenue from NOK $250 million over to NOK $9,146 million ($1.09B USD). Like many companies in Europe, transparency for both their products and company structure is an important belief:

Integration Marketplace Company Image

Today, the Visma group comprises five core business areas including SMB, Enterprise, Custom Solutions, Retail and Commerce Solutions. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Visma also has offices  in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Romania and Latvia. Visma also have an established community of over 1,100 resellers and distribution partners throughout Europe.

Visma simplifies and streamlines business processes for European companies. The company delivers software, purchasing solutions, debt collection services, retail solutions and consulting, providing a wide range of ERP, HRM and CRM solutions.

The Visma Group has over 800,000 customers throughout Northern Europe, and an additional 300,000 companies use Visma as a hosting partner.  

Integration Marketplace

At Visma, the goal is to provide solutions and software that of such high quality that they turn a customers’ business and administrative processes into a true competitive advantages. Always investing in new technology, the company have already been
testing “Anna the Bot” at one of the largest universities in Norway.

What is the Visma Integration Marketplace?

Visma’s products focus on the core business of their customers like bookkeeping, invoicing and payroll. For other business processes that are still critical but unique to that customer’s specific industry or vertical, the Visma Marketplace is provided.

The marketplace is a central place for these focused solutions and allow Visma customers to leverage a large ecosystem of developers and partners. Customer requests and increased desire for integrated solutions over the past few years made it clear that Visma needed to build a true platform.

Today over 100+ integrations are connected to the platform and available in the Marketplace!. Visma also has the goal of doubling the number of apps in their marketplace over the next 6 months.

Integration Marketplace Listing Image

Not only did OpenChannel and Visma work together to support multiple business units and products around a single marketplace, OpenChannel also provided multi-language support (Swedish in the above example) to support Visma’s broad customer base.

Why the Visma Integration Marketplace Matters?

The Visma Marketplace plays a critical role in helping customers find any app or add-on they need to make their business a continued success, and q customer’s success is Visma’s success. The marketplace is truly a win-win-win, where Visma, their partners and customers benefit from a common unified platform.

Future plans and improvements for the platform include rating and reviews for solutions and helping customers find the solutions that fit their business faster.

A Proud Business Partnership

The story of Visma’s turnaround from near bankruptcy to one of Europe’s leading software companies is truly amazing. They have been through the ups and down that many of their business customers go through, and as a result understand how critical the right solutions can play a crucial role in business success.

We are proud to support Visma’s continued growth, as they support their customers in building the next round of leading European and global companies! Or as we’re learning…fortsatt framgång!

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