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06 November, 2017

4 mins

Veeqo Releases App Marketplace Using OpenChannel

Veeqo, a leading SaaS platform for online retailers has launched the Veeqo App Marketplace using OpenChannel
providing retailers with even more tools to grow their ecommerce business.

Who is Veeqo

Veeqo is a software company designed to help online retailers increase their sales and grow their business. Ecommerce retailers save valuable time by managing their entire ecommerce operation from Veeqo’s single cloud-based platform.

Veeqo manages orders from multiple sales channels, integrates with the world’s largest shipping couriers and handles all your accounting requirements in just a few clicks. Online retailers save a huge amount of time meaning they can focus on what’s most important, growing their ecommerce business.

The company was founded in 2013 by current CEO Matt Warren after spending 12 years running his own ecommerce business. During this time, Matt found he was continually frustrated by attending to various operational issues. He focused on growing the business but his time was being overrun managing all the logistics.

That’s when the idea for Veeqo was born. Since its inception, Veeqo raised several rounds of funding and totaling £4.2m. This has come from sources like crowdfunding platform Seedrs and New Look founder Tom Singh . This helped Veeqo grow into a seven figure global business with over 500 customers and amazing team of 42 people (and growing!)Veeqo product and marketing information

Not only are customers like American Goodies
 and Bear Strength seeing huge success but there’s also Veeqo Academy to ensure businesses meet their full online potential.

What is the Veeqo App Marketplace

As Veeqo grew, customers began requesting new integrations and updates to suit their specific needs. While innovation is a core pillar at Veeqo, it became impossible for the company to keep up to date with all these requests and suggestions.

The Veeqo Marketplace solves this problem. Third party developers are building new integrations that plug straight into Veeqo’s open API. Once installed, apps will work seamlessly alongside Veeqo to make it even more powerful than it currently is.

“I’m incredibly proud to announce the launch of our Veeqo Marketplace. Veeqo will now constantly be overflowing with unbelievable new features and tools for managing and growing an ecommerce business.”
– Veeqo Founder & CEO, Matt Warren

Veeqo App Marketplace homepage

OpenChannel is excited to partner with Veeqo and launch the Veeqo App Marketplace. It will allow customers to connect with leading products and integrations to grow their business. App marketplaces are a proven trend among successful SaaS companies.

The app marketplace has launched with 12 apps covering categories like marketing, sales, reporting and accounting. This signals an exciting start with the number of apps expected to grow rapidly over the comings months.

Why the Veeqo App Marketplace Matters

Veeqo is already a powerful tool to help ecommerce retailers increase sales and grow their business. The Marketplace now allows Veeqo to fulfil its commitment to innovation by connecting customer needs with highly skilled developers.

“We know Veeqo is already a highly powerful and versatile tool for online retailers by itself. But our marketplace means we can attract high-level developers from all over the world to help make Veeqo even better in areas of ecommerce they’re experts in.”
– Veeqo Founder & CEO, Matt Warren

Launching the Veeqo App Marketplace allows masters of ecommerce niches to build high level tools that easily integrate with its software. This means Veeqo keeps getting better while providing a new place for the world’s best developers to showcase their services.

This is just the beginning for the Veeqo Marketplace! The company is planning for rapid growth in the coming months and will be expand in several key areas including:

  • Marketplace payment gateway. Veeqo retailers will be able to pay for their chosen apps within the Marketplace, making it quicker, easier and more secure.
  • One click app installation. Installations will be able to be done in just one click, ensuring quick and seamless adding of apps to a Veeqo retailer’s account.
  • More developers. This means a rapidly growing number of incredible apps and tools to continually make Veeqo even better.

Proud Partnership

At OpenChannel we’re proud to partner with a company helping thousands of people grow their online business. The best solutions come from first hand experience. Veeqo started with CEO Matt solving his own problem and the Veeqo team is now taking that mission worldwide and powering the biggest shift in retail history. We’re excited to support them along the way!

Both developers and Veeqo retailers can find out more by checking out the Veeqo App Marketplace.

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