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22 February, 2017

4 mins

ServiceTitan Launches Industry Leading App Marketplace Using OpenChannel

ServiceTitan, the world’s leading platform for home service businesses has launched the new ServiceTitan Marketplace using OpenChannel, a first of its kind for the home services industry to connect customers with innovative solutions and integrations to grow their business.

Who is ServiceTitan

Launched in 2013 by founders Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan, whose fathers are residential contractors, ServiceTitan was born out a lack of effective, modern software solutions for the home services industry. It was a way of paying back their fathers and the trades that made it possible for their families to achieve the American dream of starting and growing a business.

ServiceTitan’s mobile, cloud-based management platform is now revolutionizing the multi-billion dollar residential service market. The solution includes CRM, intelligent dispatch features, integrated marketing analytics, and comprehensive reporting. It brings modern SaaS infrastructure to an industry traditionally underserved by software.

ServiceTitan is the leading choice for members of organizations like Nexstar Network and Service Roundtable, and major national brands like Mr. Rooter and Aire Serv. Currently reaching more than 1.8 million homes each year throughout the U.S. and Canada, ServiceTitan processes over $1 billion in transactions every year. They’re backed by top venture capital firms, including Bessemer Venture Partners, and have raised $326M in funding at a most recent valuation of $1.65 billion

ServiceTitan’s focus on serving customer’s needs using software has been a driving force for the company.

“Our customers will always be an extension of the ServiceTitan family, and it’s our commitment to them and their needs that constantly drives how we evolve the software and our company.”
CEO Ara Mahdessian.

ServiceTital Dashbord
What is the ServiceTitan Marketplace

Named as a Rising Star in Forbes Cloud 100 Top Companies, ServiceTitan recognized the ability for their cloud software to integrate with valuable partner and 3rd-party solutions. They saw how the software solutions and customer choices are moving towards platforms. CEO Ara Mahdessian sums up it perfectly, “Software programs get replaced, software platforms grow.”

We’re excited to have partnered with ServiceTitan to launch the ServiceTitan Marketplace, allowing ServiceTitan customers to connect with industry leading products and value-added services to help increase their team’s productivity and improve their experience.

App store ServiceTitan

Customers simply select the best partners for their company and unlock the potential of their business, applying integrations and services to their operation and sharing data to benefit their business. When discussing the importance of integrating partners into the the ServiceTitan platform, ServiceTitan CPO Vahe Kuzoyan cites a simple but powerful principle, “Users should only ever enter information once.” We agree 🙂

Why the ServiceTitan Marketplace Matters

ServiceTitan saw that growth in mobile usage and the rise of the on-demand economy was creating pressure for contractors to adopt new technologies and meet consumers changing expectations. They identified two key problems:

  1. A lack of synchronization between disparate solutions like marketing automation, reputation management, payment processing and their core scheduling and dispatching software.
  2. The high cost of implementation and training required to adopt new solutions.

The first of its kind for the home services industry, the ServiceTitan Marketplace allows residential contractors to discover best-in-class software apps and related services that seamlessly integrate with ServiceTitan, greatly reducing the cost of implementing a new solution and allowing for ongoing synchronization via APIs.

RESTful APIs and webhooks have been a big driver for improvements and collaboration between software companies. The ServiceTitan Marketplace is true technology platform and has a strong developer focus. With a complete set of APIs and webhooks, partners can get up and running in just a couple of minutes.

Integration with the top home service software tools and partners give customers and truly end-to-end experience, and the successful relationships between ServiceTitan and their partners are delivered seamlessly through the ServiceTitan Marketplace.

Looking Ahead

“Nearly all of the leading industry vendors have either integrated into the ServiceTitan platform, or are in the process of integrating to the ServiceTitan platform”
CEO Ara Mahdessian.

ServiceTitan is already one of the fastest growing companies in LA, and the marketplace and platform strategy is only going to accelerate that growth.

Like all good growth companies, ServiceTitan is hiring. Interested? You can have the opportunity to work at a highly successful, profitable, VC-backed company that solves “real problems” for “real customers”. It’s a unique opportunity to be a part of a start-up that is already proven, yet young enough to offer its employees significant growth.

Proud Partnership

At OpenChannel we’re excited and honoured to partner with a company that is making a real difference through the thousands of their devoted home service business customers. We can think of no better story than the founders original vision to build ServiceTitan to help their fathers run a better contracting business, and now today the most successful home service businesses run on ServiceTitan.

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