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04 May, 2018

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A Sales Engagement First, SalesLoft Launches App Directory Using OpenChannel

SalesLoft, the leading sales engagement platform, has launched the SalesLoft App Directory using OpenChannel, enabling companies around the world to deliver the best sales experience to their customers.

Who is SalesLoft?

Launched in 2011 by founders Kyle Porter and Rob Forman, SalesLoft was born to help authentic sellers deliver the best sales experience.

Things have gotten very noisy for buyers these days. They are bombarded with sales activity via phone, email, social, and many other channels.
– Kyle Porter, SalesLoft CEO.

The SalesLoft team knew that beyond all the noise, buyers still have problems they need to solve and an overwhelming number of solutions to choose from. As Kyle puts it “Buyers need sellers who can rise above the noise and provide them with a better sales experience. Through our product innovation and our people, it’s our mission to help sellers do just that.”

The company has quickly emerged as the sales engagement category leader, growing sales by more than 800 percent in the past two years and being named in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 as the 7th fastest growing technology company in North America. SalesLoft now has more than 2,000 customers, including companies like Square, Cisco, MuleSoft, Alteryx, and Dell.

Expanding its team to more than 220 employees, SalesLoft has also earned recognition as the #1 best place to work in Atlanta. Their success is a result of their relentless platform innovation which balances the authentic, human side of sales with the scalable, scientific side.

SalesLoft AppDirectory Core Product

This includes the highly anticipated launch of SalesLoft Assist, the category’s first true artificial intelligence (A.I.) capability. Informed by more than 500 million sales interactions it provides users with dynamic and real time suggestions.

They are also backed by top venture capital firms including Insight Venture Partners and Emergence Capital, having raised over $75M including their recent $50M Series C.

What is the SalesLoft App Directory?

The SalesLoft App Directory is the hub of SalesLoft’s open platform. It’s where customers discover integrations with tech they’re already using and uncover new tools, where developers find what they need to create quality integrations, and where partners list their offerings.

“Sales engagement has evolved from a point solution to the system of record for sales organizations. Users are spending more time within SalesLoft than any other technology, including their CRM.” according to Porter.

SalesLoft users run their entire workday in the SalesLoft platform and by integrating with every product, tool and platform already in their tech stack, users are more effective without ever having to leave their workspace.

At more than 40+ integrations already and plans to double this count in the coming year, SalesLoft is perfectly positioned to continue building out the first true platform in the sales engagement market.

AppDirectory Welcome Image

The average sales team is using 7-8 different tools to execute on a daily basis. The 2017 Sales Technology Report from
TOPO HQ, a leading sales advisory firm, found that “Integrates with other elements of our sales technology stack” is now one of the top 3 key factors when evaluating and buying sales technology.

SalesLoft knew that reducing noise and streamlining workflow was critical to sales success. The best organizations work minimize distractions for their teams and the SalesLoft App Directory combines everything a salesperson needs into a single pane of glass.

I have purchased many platforms and applications but never been as satisfied as I was with OpenChannel. Never let us drop the ball. Super quick to deliver. Always responsive. Quality work. Amazing platform
– Sean Kester, VP, Product Strategy at SalesLoft

AppDirectory Apps

Why Does the SalesLoft App Directory Matter?

SalesLoft has opened up their platform and plan to focus intently on expanding their developer community and partner ecosystem. Through the SalesLoft Developer Portal, vendors, partners and customers have the ability to build innovative solutions for joint customers.

With the recent release of frontend integrations, partners can now build new SalesLoft step types, smart panels, insert dynamic content into sales emails, and iframe their entire product within the SalesLoft interface. This platform innovation is the first of its kind and is setting the benchmark for all other engagement technologies to be measured against.

They are committed to building a platform that benefits both SalesLoft customers and partners for the long term. With that mission to grow a valuable ecosystem, they are focused on 3 core areas going forward:

  • Serving their joint customers first: By building for those customers, promoting valuable integrations and letting joint customers choose the best solution for their needs.
  • Investing in the success of their integration partners: By building an ecosystem, being consciously transparent and remaining agnostic while treating partners with the utmost integrity.
  • Supporting their developer community: Through ongoing API development, technical support and transparency to enable true innovation.

Enabling An Industry First!

At OpenChannel, we’re proud to support SalesLoft as they continue to define and grow the sales engagement category. They help sales professionals believe in the process they’re following, believe in the product they’re selling and most importantly believe in themselves.

There’s no more important pursuit we can think of and we look forward to supporting them every step of the way!

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