20 February, 2018

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Jamf Marketplace for Enterprise Apple Management Uses OpenChannel

, a leading Apple enterprise management solution has launched the Jamf Marketplace using OpenChannel, continuing to bring the legendary Apple experience to businesses and education institutions worldwide.

Who is Jamf?

Jamf was born from the need for a better technology management solution at the University of Wisconsin. Zach Halmstad, Jamf co-founder, worked full time in the IT department deploying, updating and tracking over 400 student and faculty Macs.

While working and attending classes (and we assume not sleeping 🙂 ) he coded a solution that would revolutionize Apple management and change the perception of Macs in education and enterprises everywhere.

While Zach was writing the first version, Chip Pearson was leading a Minneapolis IT consultancy. The two came together and based on their love of all things Apple, Jamf was born.

Founded in 2002, Jamf has a straight forward mission; Help organizations succeed with Apple. With over 675 employees across 10 countries, they are accomplishing that mission at scale. They support 15 of the top 25 Fortune 500, over 13,000 organizations and 9+ million Apple devices globally. Jamf also partner with incredible organizations like the Bungie Foundation to improve children’s hospital care and recovery experience.

Product and Enterprise Marketplace
They host and manage Jamf Nation, the largest Apple IT management community in the world. With over 56,000+ IT professionals and growing, members gain insight about Apple device deployments and share best practices.

Having received numerous awards including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, the Inc. 5000, they are also recognized as the fastest growing enterprise app in the 2018 Business @ Work study.

Marketplace Growth

What is the Jamf Marketplace?

One of the most powerful aspects of Jamf is their rich ecosystem that develop purpose built solutions around the Jamf platform. The Jamf Marketplace is where customers find all of the tools and services to implement and extend the platform in ways Jamf could never do alone. The options range from tools for task automation to vertical solutions that help customers succeed in niche and focused markets.

Enterprise marketplace landing page

Jamf was about to build a marketplace from the ground up. OpenChannel helped us cut down our time to market and by being API first we were able to achieve all of the complex integrations with our product that we wanted in a fraction of the time it would otherwise have taken. This way we could help our customers immediately rather than in a year!
– Charles Edge, Director, Marketplace at Jamf

When a company invests in new software, it needs to work within their existing environment. Jamf already integrates with more than 200 providers and the marketplace makes this even easier.

There are tools that streamline specific tasks to deep integrations with third party products like ServiceNow and Salesforce. Ultimately the Jamf Marketplace improves the work lives of Jamf’s thousands of customers and millions of end users.

Enterprise marketplace apps

Why the Jamf Marketplace Matters

The Apple ecosystem is diverse. One of the hardest aspects can be filtering through endless possible solutions when finding the best way to get tasks done. With Jamf’s focus on extensibility, there are thousands of scripts, extension attributes, full software packages, webhooks and integrations with third parties that are potentially helpful to customers.

Finding relevant information and the best solution can often mean days of testing various integrations. The Jamf Marketplace reduces that time by putting the best tools that have been tested and approved by the Jamf team front and center.

There is also a strong developer focus. The Developer Portal has detailed documentation, API references and code samples, meaning developers can easily build on the Jamf Platform and customers will have a constant source of new and innovative solutions to choose from.

If you’re a developer, then the Marketplace is a great spot to show off your software. Maybe you’ve built a tool to sell, an integration or are open-sourcing a tool. Whatever the need, if you have a piece of software you’ve built that you would like to get in front of others, the Marketplace is a great way to get your software in front of Jamf administrators!
– Charles Edge, Director, Marketplace at Jamf

And remember, that’s getting in front of more than 9 million devices worldwide and growing 🙂 .

Proudly Supporting the Jamf Marketplace

At OpenChannel, we couldn’t be more excited to support a company that was started to help universities manage their IT, and now helps thousands of schools and leading enterprises manage their IT and devices in a simple and scalable way.

As more and more people demand a consumer level experience in their enterprise, we’re excited to support Jamf every step of the way!

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