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25 November, 2021

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Developer Communication Made Easy

Communicating with developers both inside and outside your company can be hard (sorry, developers), so hard in fact you can even take courses on it. Communicating with your app marketplace developers is no different. It’s almost like they speak a different language. There’s a lot of nuance when talking to developers; they’re averse to typical marketing style communication, unnecessary or irrelevant information and are very pragmatic in their approach. Honing in on succinct developer communication is key, not only to a happier community but can also do wonders in reducing your support costs. In this post, we look at how one of the most basic forms of communication can be tailored to your advantage.

Developer Communications Can Be Hard

Email gets a bad rap (sometimes rightfully so) but it’s the main line of communication between you and your app developers and you need to be communicating in the right way. That doesn’t mean ‘checking in’ or ‘touching base’. For your app marketplace developers, that’s what we call event driven communication.

An ‘event’ is anything that your app developer would get value from knowing or would want to have a record of. For example, when a developer has submitted their app or when their app has been approved and published to your marketplace. The goal is to communicate any event in a clear and concise way that looks great but minimizes the fluff. General email newsletters or email marketing campaigns should be managed elsewhere.

The hard part is, your developer’s journey has a lot of events and can become complex. App submissions, approvals, rejections, suspensions, updates and more, are all part of their ongoing and evolving journey.

Accelerate Developer Communication With Email

In our quest to improve all things developer (and in this case all things email too), OpenChannel lets you setup and configure your developer communication to easily manage developer emails.

Once you configure developer emails as an administrator, any app approvals or rejections (or any event) will automatically notify the right developers, with the right content, at the right time for that event.

Just as important, is email style – you can design your developer emails to fit the look and feel your developers need. You can customize the body and structure of the email and add background and featured images so it’s consistent with the rest of your app marketplace and developer experience.

Developer communication email

Effective communication is important (obviously) but what’s the result and what’s the benefit?

Reduce Support Costs

A lot of developer support questions have relatively straightforward answers, and developers should have access to this information. Examples are “Has my app been reviewed?” or “ What is the status of all the apps I submitted last month?”.

When you proactively communicate important events to developers, many of those support questions are answered, greatly reducing the support time and cost for your team to manage your developer community. This also frees up you and your team to work on the important support issues, fixes and projects that will make a difference in the long run.

So even though Slack is an amazing tool for building a developer community, we’re not moving off of email anytime soon. That means effective event driven emails for your app developers are important for the success of your app marketplace. Nailing those events is key, but just as crucial, when there are no important events, steer clear of email and let your developers build!

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