Cisco Meraki Marketplace
01 April, 2019

4 mins

Cisco Meraki API Marketplace: Enabling Developers and Partners Worldwide

Cisco Meraki, the industry leader in cloud managed IT, support the Meraki Marketplace using OpenChannel, enabling technology partners and API developers to extend the powerful Meraki Platform.

Who is Cisco Meraki

Founded by Sanjit Biswas, John Bicket and Hans Robertson, Meraki was originally based in part on the MIT Roofnet project, an experimental mesh network developed by the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

After being funded by Google and Sequoia Capital, they selected San Francisco for their community-based “Free the Net” campaign and started putting gateway devices in the Lower Haight neighborhood to provide Internet access. By July 2008, 100,000 people in San Francisco were using it’s Free the Net service. In November 2012, Cisco announced it would acquire Meraki for an estimated $1.2 billion.

Meraki has grown to over 250,000 customers and 3 million network devices around the world. Their products are used in over 500,000 networks worldwide throughout classrooms, coffee shops, hospitals and hotel rooms.  

Meraki technology, managed from an intuitive, feature-rich interface, enables organizations to rapidly roll out digital initiatives, delivering real business value. Better and smarter networking means that businesses run more smoothly, where more people and end customers have reliable access to the information they need, exactly when they need it.

Meraki Marketplace - Product Dashboard

Now backed by over 10 years of data and insights, Meraki increases operational efficiency and empowers users to focus on more strategic, mission-critical work. Their current portfolio, extensible with open APIs, includes wireless, switching, security, SD-WAN, intelligent network insights, endpoint management and security cameras.

What is the Meraki Marketplace

Meraki has always focused on simplicity and usability and they knew that adding functionality for specialized use cases, could potentially complicate that simplicity.

To support additional use cases and applications without complicating the user experience, Meraki decided to invest heavily in open APIs. This allows customers, partners and developers to extend the reach of the Meraki platform and build more specialized use cases.

The Meraki dashboard natively collects large amounts of data and the possibilities and use cases grow exponentially when you can export this information in real time. Add the ability to execute configuration commands through APIs and possibilities become almost endless.

Meraki provides easy to use and comprehensive APIs connected to their highly programmable, cloud-based network architecture. Their APIs are free to use and easy to integrate into other applications. The Meraki development community is also growing quickly and sharing their open source code.

The Meraki API Marketplace is an exclusive catalog of Technology Partners showcasing applications developed on top of the Meraki platform, allowing customers and partners to view, demo and deploy solutions.

Meraki Marketplace Homepage

API developers gain valuable access and exposure to Meraki’s growing customer base at no additional cost and can easily have automated lead generation sent to them directly from the Marketplace.

API Marketplace developers can also be included in discussions and development of Meraki APIs and have access to quarterly webinars for API, product and feature updates.

They also benefit from thousands of Cisco and Meraki account managers viewing and recommending their solution, and over 13,000 transacting partners possibly integrating and purchasing their solution.

Meraki Marketplace Apps

For Meraki’s 250,000+ customers with 5.5 million active dashboards, the Marketplace is the central place to view applications and discover technology partners and that can meet their specific needs.

Why the Meraki Marketplace Matters

Using open APIs, Meraki partners and developers are always expanding use cases for customers. Everything from rolling out sophisticated loyalty programs, integrating with CRM systems, developing navigation apps using location data, and automating network provisioning across thousands of locations in minutes.

Meraki is committed to helping developers get up to speed with Meraki APIs to create new and exciting ways to expand the potential of the Meraki API Marketplace. Get started with Meraki APIs by learning about real-life applications, complete labs and downloading sample code.

Networking for a Better Connected World

Meraki is 100% cloud managed IT that simply works. Networking can be complicated, especially as more and more devices come online. Meraki is making it easier, faster and smarter.

Technology can connect us, empower and drive us. At Cisco Meraki, they believe that by simplifying powerful technology, they can free passionate people to focus on their mission. OpenChannel is proud to support Cisco Meraki to enable those passionate people.

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