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A flexible API and toolkit for building your own app store into any product, website or mobile app.

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Simplify Development

Our APIs for developer registration, app submission, user purchase and more are easy to integrate, helping you write less code and ship faster. You don’t need to manage complex app versioning or licensing models, letting you and your product team focus on your core product and user experience.

Start Fast

Our API and SDKs make it easy to start building your developer portal and app store. Accept app submissions from developers and showcase them inside your product, website or mobile app.

Always Improving

We’re constantly updating you with the most important features and APIs to build a leading app store. Whether it’s smart recommendations, version management or app permissioning, you’re always up to date and don’t need to be an app store expert (that’s our job!).


"If we could have focused from the get-go on the actual partnerships and building programs for our ecosystem, instead of having to build our own version of an app store across all the mobile platforms we supported, we would have been able to grow Box OneCloud twice as fast."

- Indy Sen (Senior Product Manager, Box)


Powerful Search

Get real time search and create a more intuitive app discovery experience for users. With multi-language and typo-tolerance across all content, categories and tags, your users get updated results as they type making it easy to find the apps they’re looking for.

Payments Simplified

Collect revenue from app sales and distribute payouts to developers automatically. We support multiple business models including subscriptions, free trials, free apps and one-time payments.

Full Set of Webhooks

Get notified of all important events that happen in your app store. Our webhooks help you integrate your app store seamlessly into your internal systems.

Scale with Confidence

With a 99.9% uptime SLA and payback structures to back it up, you can scale your app store with confidence. Geo-distributed and redundant servers means you don’t have to worry about back-end configuration and maintenance, letting you focus on your product and solving what your customers need.

Management Dashboard

Your Mission Control

With a complete analytics engine, the Management Dashboard keeps you up to date on views, downloads, sales and popularity for all of your apps, developers and users.

You (or any team member) can also view, update, approve and reject all apps that have been submitted to your app store by developers.

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